PrincipalOur school owns separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and I.P. installed with all the latest and innovative tools, gadgets and apparatus which enables our students to explore the different horizons of their respective subject by experiments.


PrincipalOur school library is one the hallmarks of the school. The library provides a wide variety of books and journals. It serves as the encyclopedia related to prescribe text books and beyond. Its purpose is to inculcate reading and thinking habit amongst students. Renowned works of Fiction, Classics, Self Help Books, Science & technology, Periodicals, Journals related to history, culture, exploration along with selected local and national dailies are housed here. All articles in the library are carefully scanned to ensure the appropriate development of the students.

Art & Craft Room

A child is like potter’s clay which can be groomed and moulded in accordance to the desired shape.

With beautifully manicured lawns and state-of-art infrastructure the school understands the needs of the present times where education goes beyond the mastering of the three R’s.

Smart Classes

PrincipalThe School has two computer laboratories with 30 latest computers in each lab accessible to students during and after school hours. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum.

The school is equipped with a dedicated broadband Internet connection for enterprising students get a chance to be familiar with the Internet. They do comprehensive research for their projects and presentations. The Labs are also used as Web Resource Center, where Internet accessibility is available to the faculty as well to update themselves. The department comprises 4 qualified committed teachers to teach different classes at different levels i.e. Primary, Secondary Sr. Secondary. The faculty members make continuous efforts to see that the students must get expertise in practical implementation of tools they have in their curriculum.

The Information Technology curriculum has been planned in such a way that the students of classes II to X will get exposure to various technologies and software’s. In the primary section, the students are trained to use basic software’s like Windows, MS-Office (Ms-Word, MS-PowerPoint, Ms-Excel etc.). Along with this, they get exposure to computer programming at elementary stage through the computer languages like LOGO and Q-Basic in order to improve their logical skills. The students are assessed on their practical skills over a regular time interval via projects and assignments given to them.

In the higher classes the students have an option to learn advanced software’s which are the part of their curriculum. The Students get exposure to the latest Multimedia software’s like FLASH, Photoshop, Image-Ready etc.

Indoor Games

Stepping Beyond The School Gates

School today is no longer confined to class room instruction. We believe that school is much more than academic lessons and qualifications. Many of the  most  important  lessons  are  those  which students learn as part of team  games, cross fertilizations  of  ideas, competitions  and collaborative work.

We proudly apprise that we run various games & sports classes under the benign & excellent sports mentors & coaches for Gymnastic, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Skating, Kabaddi.

Clubs & Co-Curricular Activities

PrincipalFor the wholesome and holistic development of child we engage the team specialists of their respective fields regarding co-curricular activities in club time. We render an hour everyday for our club activities including songs, drawing & painting, dance, drama one act play and other skits to polish the innovative and creative potentials of the pupils.

We have the proud privilege to ignite the cultural sparks in our pupils also & they have performed brilliantly well at district level as well as state level too and we have brought many cultural laurels to our school. Our pupils have been victorious at all levels & represented our school at national level.